Pamela Allen is an Australian/New Zealand author and illustrator who was born in Davenport, New Zealand in 1934. She has been writing childrens books for 25 years and in those years she has produced 32 childrens books which many have won awards for.
A list of these books and their awards can be found on Other Pamela Allen Books.
Pamela moved to Australia in 1980 after having already published 30 childrens books.

Pam has won many awards for her talented, creative and engaging stories.
She is the only author and illustrator to win the CBCA (Children's Book Council Award) Childrens Picture Book of the year, two years in a row, which is a huge honour to all authors and illustrators.

Her picture book, Who Sank The Boat? Won the Gaelyn Gordon Award for Much-Loved Book in 2001. In the state of New South Wales, Australia, Pamela won The Premire’s Award for The Best Children’s Book twice. In 2004 in her birth country of New Zealand, Pam won The Margret Mahy Medal, which is New Zealand’s most prestigious award for children’s literature.

Her picture book, Is Your Grandmother a Goanna? along with Our Draft Dog Danny won a Speech Pathology Award in Australia. Other achievments that Pamela has accomplished is that whilst living in Australia, eight of her children's books were adapted to the stage by The Patch Theatre Company and performed at the Sydney Opera House. For more of Pamela's achievements and awards, CLICK HERE!

Pamela's picture story books will remain popular for years to come, they will become favourites for children who will share it with their children that will share it with their children and so on. She is an amazing author and illustrator that has published many amazing stories that many children and even adults can agree with.
Pamela is currently living in Aukland with her family, she still enjoys writing and illustrating.