Who Sank the Boat?
Who Sank The Boat has won the:...........................................
  • Kids Own Australian Literature Award (KOALA) -2001,
  • New Zealand Gaylene Gordon Memorial Prize for a much-loved book - 2001
  • CBC Picture Book of the Year - 1984
  • New South Wales State Literary Award - Children's Book - 1983
  • Miscelleneous Award, 2004, 2001 & 1984
Grandpa and Thomas
Grandpa and Thomas has won the:
- Children's Book Council (CBC) of Australia Book of the Year Award - Early Childhood section - 2004
Pamela Allen also wrote another version of this book called; Grandpa and Thomas and The Green Umberella.
Mr McGee
Mr McGee is the first of many Mr McGee books that Pamela Allen.
Other Mr McGee Books:
- Mr McGee Goes to Sea
- Mr McGee and the Biting Flea
  • Award Winner Picture Book Winner - 2004
  • Children's Yearly Best Ever Reads (Tas) - Picture Book Winner - 1999)
- Mr McGee and the Perfect Nest
- Mr McGee and the Blackberry Jam
  • Award Winner of Miscellaneous Award - Children's Book - 1986
The Potato People
The Potato People has won the:- CBC Book of the Year - Early Childhood Honour - 2003
Fancy That!
Fancy That has won the:.
- New Zealand Russell Clark Award & Helen Paul Encouragement Award-1989
Bertie and the Bear
Bertie and the Bear has won:........................ - CBC Picture Book of the Year - 1984
My Cat Maisie
My Cat Maisie has won:
  • New Zealand AIM (Children's Book Festival)
  • CBC Picture Book of the Year - 1991
Mr Archimedes Bath
Mr Archimedes Bath has won:...................- New South Wales State Literary Award Children's Book section
Cuthbert's Babies
Cuthbert's Babies has won:
- New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults Picture Book section - 2004

Where's the Gold?
Where's the Gold?
Alexander's Outing
Alexander's Outing
My First ABC
My First ABC
Waddle Giggle Gargle!
Waddle Giggle Gargle!
Clippity - Clop
Clippity- Clop
Some other Pamela Allen titles:* A Lion in the Night
  • Bertie and the Bear
  • Black Dog
  • Brown Bread and Honey
  • Can you keep a Secret
  • Daisy All-Sorts
  • Herbert and Harry
  • I Wish I had a Pirate Suit
  • Inside Mary Elizabeth's House
  • Share said the Rooster
  • Shhh! Little Mouse
  • The Bears Lunch
  • The Pear in the Pear Tree
  • Felix
  • Our Draft Dog Danny
  • Nana's Colours
  • Toy Maker and the Bird