The story Belinda was written by Pamela Allen in 1995 and published on the 1st
610EN8JWDBL__SL500_.jpgof February in 1996 by Puffin Books. Belinda is a 32 paged paperback book that is reccommened for early childhood (3 - 10years). This book recieved a CBC Book of the Year Award in 1993 as well as being shortlisted for 4 years.

The story, Belinda is about a female dairy cow on a farm. Every morning she is milked by Bessie until suddenly Bessie has to go away, leaving Old Tom to collect Belinda's milk. When Old Tom tries to milk Belinda, she won't let him. Don't underestimate Old Tom though, he has a few tricks up his sleeve!!

Throughout this webpage you will find background information about Pamela Allen including where she was born, the awards she has won and that not only is she an author but an illustrator as well. You will be able to take a look at Other Pamela Allen Books and the awards those stories and illustrations have one. There is also some Facts About Cows to learn and a YouTube clip that demonstrates How To Milk A Cow. There are also some Cow Games and Activities which include puzzels, quizzes and wordfinds.

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